Who is Stefan Sand?

This is why i do it!

One funny thing is that I have tried on several sports as a youngster, but never thought I ever would sit and ”chafe” on a bicycle! I always preferred to ride my motorcycle with joy and passion. But pedaling! No Way!

Perhaps i rode a bicycle the pub a few times and maybe to the grocery store. But only and carefully short distances. After all I bought a pretty nice bicycle, when my economy no longer allowed an engine mounted in the frame.
But in september 2004 something happened.

Jane Svensson came into my life, and she cycled no matter the weather no matter where she was going, and she actually made me think it was a little bit of fun to ride a bicycle.

It’s quite clear she’s the main source of my love to cycle, and then ride far. In 2006 she came up with idea that we would cycle from Örebro to Oslo and back home again. My first thought was. Crazy!

But we rode our first tour that summer. 890 km, in 8 days, and I loved it! I was hooked!

We have since made several bike rides together.

(See photos and reflections from our travels on the ”previous tours”)

2011: Örebro, Sweden – Gotland – Örebro: about 800 km in 8 days.
2012: Örebro – Öland – Örebro: 860 km in 8 days.
2013: Örebro – Öland – Örebro 840 Km in 8 days.

Ever since 2006, has a dream and a future goal grown, and grown incredibly strong.

The basic facts

Name: Stefan Sand
Born: August 7, 1965
Lives: Örebro
Married to Jane Sand
Children: 4 (from a previous marriage).
Interests: Fly fishing, nature and wildlife, travels and of course cycling.

And what’s the reason of these thoughts?

During one of our many semi long tours around  Örebro, I whined that we were on the way back home. I wanted to cycle more and further!

”I would like to cycle longer time and further than anyone we know” Jane hissed back. ”OK!! Then cycle around the “@¤#X@” ”world, if that’s far enough for you!!!”

That changed my entire ”mindset” and dreams!

My solo trip through Sweden during 2014, made me absolutely convinced that I have to do one trip to remember for life time. And now 2015 my life has taken some unexpected and unwanted turns, which makes a realization of my dream possible.

I would like to quote a woman who once upon a time, planted a seed of my ideas about doing something different.
She did it by signing a book about her and her life companion and their journey from the Arctic to the Antarctic by sailboat.

And now, almost 30 years later, I’ve brought it up and trying to realize.

”Dreams Can Become Reality, Just Do It”.

Deborah Shapiro & Rolf Bjelke. s/s Northern Light

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