Due to all my new friends I´ve made during the last couple of weeks, on my route through Germany, I feel obliged to at least write this and my forthcoming posts in English.
However I hope that you all excuse me for my partly deficient spelling and grammatical skills.

The 11/9:s route.

The last couple of days have been both amusing and depressing. I´m still very homesick..

Yesterday I stopped at a Mc Donald´s I Görlitz, and bought a cup of coffee, just to use their free WiFi, it have become some kind of a habit to do just that. Mc Donald´s and Burger King offers free WiFi.. But for the fifth time in a row I different cities, the freaking WiFi “ist Kaputt”. How on earth is that possible?

Any way. While sitting there and trying to find a camping I Görlitz, I found out that the only camping within miles are closed, for whatever reason.. (Big Sigh) Now what?
My budget is too tight for a hotel night. The weather really sucked. Görlitz and its surroundings is not a town where you want to spend a night in the open.
So I asked the man closest to me in the restaurant about the cheapest and nearest “Hostel” I Görlitz.. It was only c:a 500 meters away, but the fee was 35€.. No way!
He instantly replied! Be my guest at my home tonight. I´ll show you Görlitz and as my guest I´ll buy you dinner out and some beer..

What to say???

My own experience from Vårgårda, told me not to turn down an offer that feels OK!
Said and done. We rode on our bicycles through town, by a grocery store, up to my host Frank´s apartment, a small but very cozy apartment. I settled in and had a shower, made a short update on my computer.
And then we hit the town, and met up with Frank´s lovely girlfriend Claudia, who joined us for the stroll in Görlitz, we walked through the old part of the town, really beautiful!




I didn’t know until now that the town where divided between Germany and Poland. We walked across a bridge over the river “Neisse” in to Poland, and suddenly I where back in Poland AGAIN!
Food and beverage are half the price I Poland compared to Germany. So we found a really nice restaurant by the riverside, and had a really nice dinner.
Poor Claudia!! She told me that this night where meant to be hers and Frank´s romantic evening out, and now I showed up..
After the dinner we walked across another bridge back to Germany.

We said goodbye to Claudia, and strolled towards Frank´s apartment, Frank however got a bit thirsty again, so we stopped by a British pub, and had a last beer. 3 beers for me this night made me a little buzzy.. Nice!

Back at Frank´s I took me about 30 seconds to fall asleep.

I woke up 06:30 to the sound of my host, dressing himself in raingear, to go to the bakery and buy some warm and fresh bread. And we had a really nice breakfast. And I, for the first time ever, tried Nutella as spreading on bread.. And I tell you! It was definitely the last time.. “YUCK” But everything else was YUMMY!
Frank dressed up in bicycle gear, and explained that he would like to follow me to the city border.
After a shot goodbye in pouring rain Frank went back home, and I the other way towards Poland and Czech Republic. After a really wet a boring part of cycling I reached the town of Ostritz.. And a beautiful monastery.
I followed the bicycle road along the river “Neisse” awesome road.. So nice and quiet!

Finally in Zittau, I AGAIN turned into Poland for a couple of kilometers to Czech Rep. and to the village of Hrádek nad Nisou, and down to the camping. WHAT THE F… A big party event had booked the entire camping!! So into the village and began looking for somewhere to sleep.. Found an adorable “Pension” for just 350 Czech koruna.. 110 Sek. (Same as an ordinary camping in Germany)..
Said and done! Checked in filled my stomach with another pizza, a real pizza, not like that decorative and small, but yet tasty, one from yesterday..
Now it´s time for some “Skype-time” with my beloved ones back home..
I´ll be back..
Hugs and kisses..

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